Photography Tips to Showcase Your Listings

Photography Tips to Showcase Your Listings

photo(15)aBeing in the Real Estate Industry for many years, you definitely see a lot of what not to do when taking photos to showcase your listings.  The number one thing you need to remember is to stage each photo!  Simply put, clean up the room before you take photos. De-clutter, remove and straighten up to create the best look to show potential buyers.
Usually your homeowner is there when you are taking your photos and explaining things as you go so get them on board by explaining you want potential buyers to see the beauty in the home, not their children’s artwork  or their laundry in the basket.  Nothing takes away from a photo more than clutter so the refrigerator magnets must come down, at least temporarily so you can take your photos.  Junk mail scattered on the counter or table, collect it in a basket rather than leave it in the photo.
It is important to get more than one angle when taking photos, so you can use one for your blog and a different photo for your marketing material. If it’s a small room, just get creative and take one from a normal angle, then another from either lower or higher.  And keep in mind it’s not the furniture you are selling but the walls, floors, fixtures and overall space so just be sure the furniture is enhancing the home photo rather than becoming the focal point.  If there is too much furniture in the room, remove something to make the room appear larger.  Just be careful not to damage anything while you move things around, a quick way to lose a listing.
It is best to shoot interior photos on an overcast day, but take your outside photos when you have the best light on the front of the home.  And just like staging the interior, you must consider the “stuff” that can ruin an outside photo as well.  MOVE that trash can rather than take the photo and those extra couple minutes you took will be worth it!
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