Business Building Tool Favorite


Business Building Tool Favorite


Are you using a CRM?  As in any business,  Customer Relationship Management is key to keeping good clients but it’s a top priority to Real Estate.  Personally I love what Top Producer does for my business. If you are currently not using a CRM, you owe it to yourself to check out Top Producer.  Maybe you’ve tried it in the past, but it has come a long way and has everything you will need to run a great business.

The new Top Producer is a Web Based interface and there is even smart phone apps to keep your business close at hand.  From listings to sales, to referrals and daily tasks, Top Producer keeps me in check and in the know about my business. There are lots of training videos to walk you through all the great ways to use the program, and many more you will realize on your own.  We can track phone calls and showings, and keep in touch with our Sphere as well as recruit new members to our team using Top Producer.  If you are going to spend money to build your business, Top Producer should be one of your first purchases.  It will pay off in a big way for you.

If you are still on the fence, leave me a comment and I will reach out to you to help you get started with this one of a kind tool!

As a community minded and dynamic residential Realtor, Cindy Crutcher’s intentions and commitment is to be an invaluable resource for buyers and sellers in the Lawrenceburg, KY real estate market.  Cindy is passionate about working and living in Lawrenceburg, KY.  Cindy is result driven and works hard to provide top notch service.  Call Cindy at 502-680-9822 with any questions or for more information.  Exit Realty Crutcher.