Who Doesn’t Like Free Kindle Books?

Who Doesn’t Like Free Kindle Books?
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It took me awhile to move from “real books” to Kindle books but once I started, it made sense for a lot of reasons.  To name a few:

  • So many free books
  • No night light required when reading before bed
  • Space required for “real books vs. Kindle books
  • All books available on several devices, can switch devises and not lose your place in the book

So, to share where to find great free books!  First, Amazon.com has a list if you can find it, of free reads.  The list is found on the right hand menu under Best Sellers.  If you open that link, you will see another link that says “Top 100 Free”.  Another of my favorites is BookBub.com which sends me an email daily with about 5-6 free or really cheap books.  As with most free books, you have to download them when they come available, don’t wait because most are only free for a short time and you can always save them for later reading. One more great resource for free books is Onehundredfreebooks.comKnow any other great Kindle Book resources?  Let me know your favorites!

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