Soldiers Angels a Great Organization to be Involved With

Soldiers Angels Is a Great Organization to be Involved With


Several years ago I became involved with the organization Soldiers Angels after attending a church service held for young soldiers and I saw the impact it had on them and I wanted to help too.  Meeting these young men who were not really sure what they signed up for and had not seen their families since in-listing- you just wanted to be there for them and support them.  I was told about this organization Soldiers Angels.

So I signed up online at and I was able to adopt my first soldier.  It was very fulfilling and I spent what I felt led to spend.  From I tunes cards to magazines, candies, gum and toiletries I would fill a shoe box each month and mail it off.  I was lucky enough to correspond with my Soldier too via email although it was not expected or required.  It made the experience more rewarding for me. I continued until their tour was over and they returned home to their families.  I then adopted another, and another.

If you are looking for a unique way to help, this is a great origination I recommend and will continue to support.  Would love to hear your experiences if you have been involved with Soldiers Angels too!

As a community minded and dynamic residential Realtor, Cindy Crutcher’s intentions and commitment is to be an invaluable resource for buyers and sellers in the Lawrenceburg, KY real estate market.  Cindy is passionate about working and living in Lawrenceburg, KY.  Cindy is result driven and works hard to provide top notch service.  Call Cindy at 502-680-9822 with any questions or for more information.  Exit Realty Crutcher.



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