Visit Wild Turkey – It’s Right in Your Own Backyard

Visit Wild Turkey – It’s Right in Your Own Backyard

You don’t have to love Bourbon to tour our Distilleries all over Kentucky, you just have to love adventure!  Wild Turkey Distillery did not disappoint.

Open Monday thru Saturday 9-3 PM and Sundays 12-3 PM March thru November tours are offered every hour.  General admission tickets are $5 and they are part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. With a brand new visitor’s center, you can pick up a few gifts while you are there.  I personally loved their American Honey Candle, affordable at about $12 and it just evokes comfort.  Upon entering I thought it was a bit like fresh brewed coffee, but with a hint of sweet tobacco.  This is probably a bad comparison, but it really does smell wonderful.

You can learn about the Bourbon process at Wild Turkey from Master Distiller Jim Russell and see what goes into making one of Kentucky’s famous bourbon’s. The tour and tasting is well worth your time.  The rocking chairs out front gave us a chuckle too!  Don’t miss that photo op!

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3 thoughts on “Visit Wild Turkey – It’s Right in Your Own Backyard

  1. Kim Wood says:

    I haven’t ever toured a distillery, but if I do, I want to experience this one just to smell what “fresh brewed coffee with a hint of tobacco” smells like :). Do you get to sample the bourbon?

  2. I would love to visit and find out more about it. i remember we took a tour and learned about how Tequila was made when we were in Mexico.

  3. Cindi Cote says:

    We have something called the Bourbon Trail here in Kentucky and you can actually tour 8 different distilleries across Kentucky. I have been to just 4 in my 20 years here but plan to see the remaining ones too. It’s a great day trip for family in from out of town. And yes, you get to sample the bourbons but I tried that– won’t be doing that again! Not a fan of Bourbon. Thanks for your comments.

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