Staying Organized in Your Office

Staying Organized in Your Office

If you are like me, things can get stacked up quickly during the busy work week.  This has been one of the biggest obstacles for me.  Everything is important and needs attention so I don’t want to put anything away until it is taken care of.  So, I had to start a couple things to help me stay organized.  See if any of these will help you too.

First off, I had to write myself a note that I posted right in front of me when I work throughout the day.  That note says “I am energized and organized.”  This helps me because when I start to get stressed and lose focus, this little sentence helps bring things back into focus.  You don’t have to use this same message, just find something that works for you.

Next, I have to keep a list every day of things I need to accomplish.  I created a word document that is titled Daily Work Plan and a spot for the date. Then I create numbered lines and sections, mainly for work but I have a small section at the bottom for personal too to help keep me on track.  I pre-filled a couple of these lines for the tasks I do every day without fail, just so I can have a starting place each day.  I print enough for the week and already I feel more organized.   Then I continue throughout the day to add things as they come up.  The key to this is starting tomorrow’s list today, so when you start your day tomorrow, you have a plan already in place.

I end every day by making  sure my desk top is straightened up so when I come in the next day, I am not overwhelmed by the mess, but know my ‘list’ will keep me on track.  At the end of the week, I can visually see what I was unable to do and it can be added to next week’s list and become a priority.

If you would like a copy of my Daily Work Plan to use, feel free to email me and I will send you a copy.


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