Are You Using Siri? You Should Be!

Are You Using Siri? You Should Be!

Lets face it, we all get up in the morning and the first thing we do is check our smart phones, probably before our feet hit the floor. And, more than likely that is the last thing you do before you go to sleep at night. So why not make the most of out what is the best tool available on your smart phone, SIRI.
I know, I have only recently started using it, so I know it’s a hard thing to do, but it sure has make my life simpler. So, let me walk you through a few important things first and then share my favorite ways to use Siri.
The first tip is to be sure your own contact information is in listed in your phone contacts. Be sure to add your home address and your work address too because one of my favorite ways to use SIRI uses that information. For example, you leave the house at 8:00 AM to start your day, but you remember you forgot to sign a for your child needs for school later that week. It has been sitting on your desk for two days and you keep forgetting but think of it when you are at work or driving. So just tell SIRI “Remind me when I get home to sign paper work for my daughter.” Then, forget about it!!! When you get home from your long day, you pull in the drive and hit the door thinking about making dinner and SIRI sends a reminder to “Sign paperwork for my daughter” just as you get home. Same goes for work. Need to send an important email or make an important phone call you keep forgetting? Just ask SIRI to remind you when you get to work. Again, she knows your work address now so she will remind you when you arrive. You must have your locations on for this to work, but you can do that easily in your settings too.
Next, you need to clean up your contacts in your phone. If you are like me you use your favorites list so you can easily dial your family members from that menu, making it quicker than scrolling all your contacts. Well take it a step further. Let SIRI know about your most important relationships. For instance, just tell her “Mark is my husband.” She will verify that information and store it for later use. So next time you need to call your husband, just tell Siri to “Call my Husband”, and so on for your children, sisters and brothers. You can ask her to call anyone by name but this just simplifies that should you have several duplicate first names. This helps establish the important relationships in your life so SIRI can better understand your requests.
You can also use SIRI to remind you throughout the day about simple things. For instance, you may be outside taking a walk or gardening and you have laundry in the dryer. Just tell SIRI to remind you in 1 hour to check on laundry. No more wrinkled cloths! Love, love letting SIRI take care of these little things in life that can get you off track. Get creative, just start asking SIRI different things and you will find she can make life a lot easier if you let her. From writing your next Facebook Status update, to taking you directly to a website you tell her or checking the weather for tomorrow, she can help and is available anytime!
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About Cindy Crutcher

As a community minded and dynamic residential Realtor, my intention and commitment is to be an invaluable resource for buyers and sellers in the Lawrenceburg, KY real estate market. I am passionate about working and living in Lawrenceburg, KY. I am results driven and work hard to provide top notch service. Call me at 502-680-9822 with any questions or for more information. Exit Realty Crutcher.

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